Karaoke Time!

karaoke time!

karaoke time!

There is something about Karaoke that makes it Ok to get up in front of strangers and sing your heart out to the tune of your favorite song. It is a strange phenomenon that has had a world wide impact. It is not hard to figure out why Karaoke is so popular!

Its fun! It is just simple fun. It is a way to express yourself and to be entertained. There is no place in the world that loves Karaoke more than Japan. There are high tech Karaoke bars and clubs all over Japan.

 The Start

Karaoke is a combination of two Japanese words. Kara Oke which roughly translates to empty orchestra. The actual history of this form of entertainment is a little hard to pin down. While some people claim it has it roots in Kobe Japan as early as the 1950′s others claim it is a relatively new idea dreamed up in the 1970′s by an American television show that encouraged viewers to sing along to the bouncing ball that hopped across their screens.

The debate rages on but one thing is for certain Karaoke turns everyone (even the most staunch) into their favorite rock star.

 Japan Does Rule

While Karaoke has been a world wide phenomenon Japan does rule when it comes to the lengths that the citizens go to, to be able to Karaoke. Most of the homes in Japan are not acoustically protected so while everyone wanted to Karaoke at home disturbing the neighbors was an issue.

Welcome the Karaoke box! In 1984 the Karaoke box was invented so that anyone could sing their hearts out without having to hit the bar. The box is an acoustically sound proof box that anyone that want to participate in Karaoke can have built in their home or they can pop in and use one in their area.

Japan does rule when it comes to making sure everyone has the chance to try out their skills.

A Fad

How ever long (depending on who’s account you listen to) Karaoke has been around you can almost guarantee that it is not a fad that is disappearing any time soon. Generations to come will very likely be ready to grab the mike and sing their hearts out.

It is far beyond a fad it has been bumped up to a family tradition for many families! It is clearly here to stay!



karaoke at its worst!

I say this and thought it was very funny!

A prime example of when to leave it to the karaoke professionals…

Popular Karaoke Songs

Karaoke Songs

Karaoke is just a popular way to enjoy some down time. It is something that literally brings the world together. It is a common ground that every nation seems to understand. Everyone loves to sing. It is the strangest thing but it seems like the songs (regardless of the language) that are requested are the same songs world wide.

According to the experts that pay attention to these things the most requested songs worldwide are by Frank Sinatra, ABBA and Queen. Oddly enough the three all come from very different genres and very different time periods.

It is just amazing how music can transcend cultures and borders and all the other things that keeps the world from getting along.

 Picking the Right Song

There is nothing worse than being “that guy” you know the one that gets up and totally dismantles a great night of Karaoke fun by choosing a song that no one wants to hear.  You can make a great choice by sticking to the favorites.

The favorites include Madonna’s Like a Virgin, Queen We Are the Champions or Fat Bottom Girls, Frank Sinatra NY, NY or I Did It My Way. The Weather Girls It’s Raining Men is a great choice as is Dancing Queen by ABBA.

There are certain songs you can not go wrong with because they were made to be sang along to. Think of Freddy Mercury just belting out Fat Bottom Girls and how it just makes you want to grab your air guitar and belt out the chorus!  There are plenty of great Karaoke songs out there, pick the one that makes you smile the most and sing the loudest!

 The Wrong Song

There are songs that are “wrong songs”. Trying to rap like Eminem when you know it is just not the right thing to do leave it alone or singing Michael Jackson’s  Thriller not such a great idea. Avoid Barbara Streisand , she is just too sad.

Forget the operetta you sing in the shower. Keep your Karaoke music light and fun so you can be upbeat and so can everyone with you.  Nobody wants a Debbie Downer at the club or the bar. No one wants to listen to anything that is about revenge for your ex. If you think it is a good idea you are likely far too drunk to get up and sing anyway!

Adele is also a huge mistake! Have fun, stick to the list and enjoy your night!

Adele karaoke

Adele karaoke

Karaoke- Is It Bad For You?

Karaoke- Is It Bad For You?

Karaoke is a worldwide phenomenon that may have its roots in Japan or it may have come from an American TV show either way there has been tons of interest in this ‘sport’ because there are such huge sections of the population around the globe that participate.

The premise is simple. You get together with a few friends, either you head out and hit up a Karaoke bar or you stay home and plug up your very own sing along machine and you sing! That’s it! You sing along to a tune of your choice and follow the words on the prompter or laptop or screen and sing until your hearts content.

What could be so bad about that? It does seem as if scientist run out of things to study especially when someone comes up with the idea to look at how Karaoking effects health.

 Sore Throat or Damaged Vocal Cords?

After belting out a few tunes your throat may feel a little scratchy but does that mean your vocal cords are damaged or does it mean you just strained things a bit? According to recent studies of 250 crooners that have spent a little more time than usual singing along at the top of their lungs there is no lasting damage from singing 5 days a week.

If your throat acts up take a break!

 What About the Alcohol Connection?

Some Karaoke bars have a two drink minimum before you can get up and belt out the latest and greatest song. Should this be a concern? Are we turning into alcoholics just so we can sing on stage surrounded by friends?

Those same 250 people that participated in the “karaoke damage study” reported that they did not feel pressured to drink more so that they could sing. As a matter of fact most of them reported that they did not specifically plan on going to just Karaoke. In other words they were going out and were going to be drinking anyway and the singing just made it all more entertaining.

 Bottom Line

Karaoke will not result in damage that is not reversible to your vocal cords. It actually may result in you having more fun and being an overall happier person! While measuring negatives are always easier there have been some studies that have indicated that people that sing are just generally happier more relaxed people.

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